The Reality of HVAC and Selling Your Home

Working as a realtor, there are a never ending number of homes I walk into and assess for pricing.

So, I’m no longer at all surprised by some homeowner’s reaction to my suggestions. My duty is to be perfectly upfront and honest with a seller. They have to know exactly what they’re in for and how best to upgrade their home to bring the best price. Often times, the message a seller receives is the only thing I’m doing is attempting to raise my commission. One of the chief disputes is over the HVAC heating and cooling system. Homeowners looking to sell their place don’t realize that the HVAC system is one of the most important components of home value. The homeowner may believe their 18 years old heating and cooling unit is fine because it is still working. Or, if a potential buyer isn’t impressed with the heating and cooling situation, the homeowner can simply factor that into the final negotiations. All of this is simply wrong. First, whatever a seller puts into their home they are going to at least recoup. And, more often than not, will recoup the cost and then some. I often ask the home seller to imagine a buyer walking into their home. The potential buyer isn’t seeing the wonderful little abode that has watched over a family for 15 years. The seller is looking very directly at all the details of the home. With regard to the HVAC, they only see a faded, loud, outdated piece of equipment they will have to replace. An HVAC system replacement is so many times a deal breaker. And if they use the aged heating and cooling system as a negotiating point, the seller always loses money. But invariably, there are sellers who simply refuse to update their HVAC. Those are the people with the for sale sign in their yard for years.


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