Help Your HVAC with Some Easy Tightening Up

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the things that could potentially go wrong with my home.

It gets me all worked up and anxious.

However, I have started to change my perspective. Instead of seeing all the potential peril, I am seeing things in a more preventive maintenance way. My first project was to replace all the windows with new energy efficient. I made certain the new windows were thoroughly siliconed so no treated air would leak out. Next, I yanked out all the old weatherstripping from the front door. It was old and sun damaged. I paid a bit more for the new weatherstripping but it sealed the door far more tightly than I could have imagined. I was fairly pleased with my progress. Then I saw something on the internet about air ducts. The article stated that the average home loses at least 25 percent of treated air through duct leakage. Air ducts sag and gap over the years. The treated air then just blows right out of these gaps. I called our HVAC guy to get his thinking. He agreed that tightening up the air ducts would be helpful. However, he said why not kill two birds with one stone. The HVAC guy set up an appointment for his crew to come out and clean my ducts first. Once, the ducts were clean, they would then cinch up all the air ducts. I knew the ducts had never been cleaned so I took him up on that. I was repulsed by the amount of debris and funk that came out of my ducts. But, I was super pleased with the crew and how well they resealed my air duct system. It took about five hours to complete the job. But, now I feel far more confident that I have done everything I can to ease the load on my HVAC.

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