Unknown hvac repairman to do work on our office’s heating and cooling system

I get really annoyed if I am never notified if there is a meeting in our office or if someone is coming to change or repair something. For example last week there was a strange man at the door and he said that he needed to do some heating and cooling maintenance on our hvac system. First off this guy didn’t even have a badge or a heating and cooling company work shirt. He had a toolbox in his hand and to me he look like some average joe that just got off the street. He didn’t even look like he worked for a legitimate heating and cooling company. I was somewhat nervous because I that’s the only one working in the office that day and I didn’t feel safe because I had no idea that a heating and cooling service man was going to come and work on our heating and cooling equipment. I called my boss just to make sure but he didn’t answer the phone. I called my coworker and finally she answered the phone and confirmed that a heating and cooling technician was going to work on the hvac equipment in our office because our boss wanted to ensure that the air conditioning system and its ductwork were cleaned and ready to be used within the next few weeks due to the upcoming warmer weather. I was grateful that my coworker confirmed this with me and I felt somewhat embarrassed because I gave the heating and cooling technician an attitude. After getting off the phone with my coworker I let the heating and cooling technician into our office and showed him where our heating and cooling system was. After about an hour the heating cooling technician left and gave me the heating and cooling bill to enter into our system so he could get paid.

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