New apartment not what it seems

When my partner and I were looking move our lives down to the south due to career opportunities, we were having a really hard time finding a place to move into.

It seemed like all of the apartments that we found were far too overpriced, and the other half were run down and gave off the feeling that they were most likely infected by roaches. Even with the struggle we never gave up our hunt on our new home, and we eventually found a place that sounded like it was just what we needed. It was a brand new apartment building with new appliances, and it was also dog friendly! Once we arrived not long after and began moving our stuff in on the hot southern day, we finally realized why the deal had been so amazing for this apartment. It didn’t have an air conditioning system! Apparently in the fine print on the contracts the “new” appliances is only covering the stove and the dishwasher, but everything else is up to the new owner to purchase. After moving heavy boxes all day all we wanted was to the air conditioning on high and relax, but now we were forced to deal with this terrible news. After getting a few quotes from local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling companies around town, after factoring in the cost for a brand new air conditioning unit along with the installation fees, we would have been better off moving into one of the apartments that we had thought were overpriced. Even though we might have been duped for now, our new landlord has not seen the last of us. We will get him to get our room equipped with at least some sort of cooling system, whether he wants to or not!
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