My wife was upset that I didn’t replace the HVAC parts

My wife usually gets pretty mad at me when I don’t take proper care of our HVAC system.

I completely understand and thing that I should be taking better care of the HVAC system.

The problem is that I never really learned much about AC units or how to take care of them. I don’t have the money to call an HVAC technician everytime something stops working, which is quite often because our AC unit is very old. I looked up the cost of a new AC unit and there is just no way I could afford to purchase one. I have been learning different things online about how to fix HVAC and a few friends have some experience. There are some HVAC parts that I need to find cheaply so I think I am going to see what’s free online. There are a lot of people getting rid of old HVAC systems because they can be heavy to haul out of your house. I want to be able to fix the AC system quickly so that my wife isn’t mad anymore. The AC unit is working but it’s not working very well. I know that this also means that our energy bill is going to be very expensive because I have learned a lot of energy saving tips over the years. I plan to fix the AC unit this weekend and I am really excited to surprise my wife! Who knows, maybe I’ll even make a career out of my HVAC side job. At the very least my own HVAC system will be up and running and I am satisfied with that.

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