My robotic floor vacuum keeps my HVAC filters cleaner for longer periods of time

My father-in-law sometimes gives me strange birthday gifts.

One year he gave me a chandelier made entirely out of deer antlers and on another occasion he bought me a year’s supply of beef jerky.

I think I may still have at least half of the box of jerky laying around somewhere, no doubt all of it expired by this time. But, one random year he gave me a gift that made me scoff at first until I took it out of the box and gave it a go. He got me one of those robotic floor vacuums seen on TV that pan across your floors, wall to wall, in controlled patterns. You can leave the device running while you’re out of the house, like running errands or out back working on the lawn. I couldn’t believe the device would work as advertised, but amazingly after only a week of use, I am finally hooked on this robotic floor vacuum. I used our stand up vacuum a few days later to see if much dust and debris was missed, and to our surprise we found little if any inside the large vacuum‘s collection tray. This also means less dust and dirt getting into our HVAC system because our air return is located at floor level in the main hallway leading from our front door. I’m not sure who designed it this way, but for a floor level air return, it could not have been installed in a worse location in this house . The degree of dust buildup in our filters every month was staggering. But now that I run the robotic vacuum daily, we are getting twice as much life out of our central HVAC filters as before. The improvement is incredible, and I couldn’t be more thankful that my father-in-law decided to buy it for me on a whim.

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