Summer means extra dust, dirt, and pollen getting into my house and air conditioner

When the weather is just right, summer is often my favorite time of the year.

The lakes warm up enough where swimming is possible again, and there are no stray cold fronts that tend to surface throughout both the autumn and spring seasons.

My dog loves it too and spends the most time outdoors during the summer months, often laying at the foot of a tree in the shade. But, as much as I crave the summer climate, my sinus allergies and respiratory problems thrive during this time every year. The pollen levels in my region are so imposing that I’m forced to carry a rescue inhaler and nasal spray everywhere I go. I have extras in my desk at work and two in my car so I’m not caught anywhere without a way to treat my symptoms. But, it’s frustrating at home because all of this dirt, dust, and pollen gets sucked into my HVAC system and blown around my house every time my air conditioner runs. This is worsened by the extra allergens tracked into the house whenever my dog goes out and comes back inside. I have to change my filters every two weeks with what I’m dealing with indoors alone, let alone the allergen levels the second I walk outside. This also means more HVAC maintenance and repair, making summer a particularly costly season for energy costs. As bad as the costs in winter realistically are, summer is almost equally costly from a heating and cooling standpoint if you live in a climate like mine.


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