Clearwater Beach is One of the Best Places to Live

She is strong and a hard worker.

Clearwater Beach is an attractive place for tourist, even when it’s raining, thundering, plus lightning, I can appreciate the way the lightning dances above the ocean water. My wife plus I have lived in Clearwater Beach for 10 years now. The two of us met shortly after we were done university, when we were both hanging out with friends on the beach. We officially met at a party, and spent the rest of the night together. The next afternoon, my wife called me and asked if I’d like to see a movie. I was leaving the country for two weeks, on a graduation vacation with my parents. I promised my wife that I’d call her as soon as I entered back into the country. I thought about her the whole time I was away, plus I thinking about her the whole time. As soon as I got back home, I called my future wife and pretended not to remember her name, which made me laugh. The two of us met for tea on that same afternoon. We met every single day for a year, before she finally asked me to marry her. I knew she was nervous, however I was ready to commit for life! I’ve never regretted our decision since. I appreciate her with all my heart. She is strong and a hard worker. My wife is a fantastic mother to our children. Now, we have a nice beach home in Clearwater Florida, and we have several pets. On the weekends, we take the our children fishing, kayaking, or swimming around Tampa and Clearwater Beach. I don’t know how my life could be more perfect.