I’d love to get a new home

Real estate listings can be highly deceiving.  With photography tricks, creative wording, and advertising ploys, it’s no surprise that you can easily be drawn to homes that are not what they seem.  You may study a simple looking advertisement about a “cozy country villa”, and assume it sounds low key and romantic. When you get there to look at it, it may be a small shack in the woods.  Whenever something is listed with the words “old world charm”, it may mean run down or outdated. Additionally, did you happen to know that if you place the camera in the upper corner of the room it makes it look up to 25% percent larger.  These are all typical practices in the real estate game these days. There is a single other term you need to be certainly aware of, “original”. This can easily be great or certainly bad. If the cabin you are looking at is actually only a couple of years old, this is not a frightening term.  However, if the home is over twenty or even twenty five years old, this can be a red flag for sure. Older homes that have lots of original hardwood floors that have been refinished can be a dream but on the other hand, original windows are a peculiar story. Even with new technology windows are honestly not meant to last longer than 10 to fifteen years.  The argon gas that is trapped between the double panes is not meant to hold their energy ratings much longer than that age. The same can be said for the Heating in addition to A/C plan in a home. It’s easy to check – just be sure you aren’t scammed next time you purchase a home.

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