Bathroom HVAC component

Ever since I got pregnant, I have had to pee basically all the time! I never had such urgency, however now I can barely hold it for very long. I’m still working in my typical capacity, even though a lot of people do not agree with that. I work in the heating and air conditioning equipment industry, plus a lot of people suppose there is no place for a woman in that particular industry… When folks learned that I was pregnant, they genuinely wanted me to quit working on maintenance calls. I do not easily understand why there is more danger for a woman than a man with this type of work, especially at such an early stage in my pregnancy. If I’m not anxious, I do not understand why the boss seems to be anxious. I hope he doesn’t try to take me off heating and air conditioning equipment repairs plus upgrades, because I would have to report that to the HR people. I do not suppose it is legal for them to stop me from doing work on heating and air conditioning equipment, just because I am pregnant. I truly hope it will not come down to some situation like that… Right now, my most sizable problem seems to be washroom breaks. I was on my way back to the Heating and A/C equipment maintenance center yesterday, when I had to pull over plus use the washroom at the gas station. I felt I was going to pee all over the seat, although I made it. I recognize that things will eventually get to a point where I can no longer work out in the field, however I’m not really prepared to give up my heating and air conditioning equipment job yet.

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