The a/c in our huge building

My brother works at the pigskin location downtown. He is an assistant trainer, & he works with the entire pigskin team. When my brother has more tickets, he always takes a bunch of people to the games. All of us have a relaxing time on Thursdays, & neither one of our wives are bothered by our huge love of pigskin. Last Thursday, the team had a home game. Roughly an hour before the game started, the locker room cooling equipment stopped working. The crew was already on the field, & they didn’t have anyone to maintenance the cooling equipment. My brother had me on speed dial, & I was already kneeling in the stands. He reached out to me to come down below & look at the cooling equipment. I was amazed with my luck, & I headed straight for the doors. When I hit the security gate, they asked for my name & allowed me to come through. I saw all of the famous players, & some of them even wanted to shake my hand. I was led to a room where the cooling equipment is located. I ran tests on the cooling equipment for a little while, & I figured out the concern suddenly. When I rewired one of the circuits, the cooling equipment was easily working again. I fixed the concern & the team was absolutely cheerful about it. A few days later, I ┬áreceived a call from the Stadium management team. They wanted to offer me a job on staff, & the position was offering salary as well as benefits. The day I fixed the air-conditioner equipment, I pretty much felt like a guy among the Gods. If I get a job actually working in the location full time, it could easily go to my head.

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