You should try cleaning your HVAC system yourself

One thing I learned last year is that it’s important to clean your HVAC system.

I moved into a new house and I have never had my own house before. I didn’t pay attention to the HVAC system at all, and I am pretty sure I never even changed the air filter. When I realized that something was wrong with my heating and cooling system I first turned it off. I remember that I went to the thermostat and turned it off, hoping that it would solve my problems. When I turned the thermostat back on, nothing happened and I knew that something was wrong with my HVAC system. I tried to look online but all I found was that I should try to change the air filter in the HVAC system. I called a friend of mine that knows a lot about HVAC and he explained to me how to change the air filter. Still, nothing was helping my HVAC system and it was the middle of summer. I decided to find an HVAC technician and I got a free quote. When the HVAC technician came out to my house, he told me how much it would cost for him to fix the HVAC system and I was amazed. I knew that I didn’t have that much money to fix my HVAC system. I asked him what I could do and he told me how to clean my own HVAC system. He told me that many people don’t know that all they have to do is clean their heating and cooling equipment.
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I started my HVAC business about 10 years ago and it’s the best thing I’ve done

If the company sounds responsive and nice to have them come out for a quote on your HVAC system

When I first graduated my HVAC training I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my education. I knew I wanted to be an HVAC technician, but I also wanted to do more than that. I loved to learn about heating and cooling, but it wasn’t always that interesting. After talking to a friend I decided that I needed to start my own heating and cooling business. Looking back I was scared to start my own HVAC company, but it was a great decision. I moved to a town where there really wasn’t any HVAC companies, and I knew it was time. I opened my first HVAC company 10 years ago and I now have over 100 HVAC technicians at a few different locations. I pride myself on giving quality HVAC care and all of my customers have come back. I think there are so many HVAC companies out there that people find it hard to choose. If you find yourself having a hard time deciding on which HVAC company to call, know that you are not alone. A quick search on the internet will pop up with probably 10 or more HVAC companies in the area. It can be overwhelming to decide which HVAC company is best for you. You can look at the reviews for each HVAC company, but my recommendation is to call the HVAC company and describe your HVAC needs. If the company sounds responsive and nice to have them come out for a quote on your HVAC system. If the company is any good they will give you a free quote on all of your HVAC needs.


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Boiler heat for the warmest winter ever

This past winter was shaping up to be the coldest one on record.

I couldn’t believe how chilly it was all through that season, as I walked to and from my car to the house and felt the cold in my bones! Even at work, the freezing air seemed to penetrate into the workplace, and I felt it wherever I went in that office. Thankfully, the one place where I did seem to catch a break was at my own home! At my house, I had a powerful two-piece heating system that really made my home the most comfy place to be all winter long. For one, I had a boiler system in the basement. A huge boiler tank sat in the corner, churning and bubbling as it sent heat through my house that had an extra level of humidity. This was a major improvement compared to any furnace, which creates dry heat or dries out a house. That can make the air quality suffer, as dry heat will leave your skin feeling dry, your throat sore, and your lips chapped. It’s no fun! This boiler dodges all of those problems and then some. Plus, I also have radiant heated floors, and those gather their “heat” from the boiler as well. Using the boiler system, my radiant heated floors create warmth that passes up and through the floorboards, into the house itself. This allows the entire home to be evenly heated. This makes for a much warmer, much cozier home!


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I’m pretty sure I broke the thermostat

Well, this is just my luck. Last weekend, I had this killer party at my friend’s house. We’re currently in the last few weeks of our summer break, and we’re trying to make the most of these sweet few days of summer before we have to get back into our school routines. This party was one of the best ones I’ve ever been a part of, but boy did it come with some casualties! Among those casualties was the smart thermostat that my buddy uses for his home and the HVAC system used in said house. Since the air conditioning system uses that smart thermostat as a guiding tool to make sure it runs as needed, the thermostat is a critical part of making sure the air quality in my buddy’s home stays high. Without it, he would have to go back to manually scheduling the thermostat’s running time, and hoping that the system registers his programming. I’ve dealt with old fashioned manual thermostats in the past, and they’re no fun! You’d think that the air conditioning units themselves would be able to be programmed by now, but the thermostat is an important part of having that user control with the heating and air conditioning system. Anyhow, I managed to get pushed into the wall by accident, and I knocked the smart thermostat off the wall before falling down on it. I heard that distinct crunch under me, so I knew the thing was toast! Hopefully my buddy isn’t going to judge me too harshly until I get the smart thermostat replaced.

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Tanning and taking timed cooling breaks

My girlfriend and I have been doing a lot of natural tanning.

Instead of paying to go to a high priced salon, we just do it in our backyard.

We are totally private back there and we have a wood deck. We set up chairs, towels and just enjoy baking in the sunshine. The best is that I have the AC ready to give us cooling breaks. I can only sit in my own sweat for so long. I start to think about my skin breaking out, forming a rash or just plain smelling bad. I then go inside to have a drink and sit in front of my air conditioner. About every 30-40 minutes I like to enjoy the heavy AC. I could keep the AC running at full power the entire time, but that would be a waste of money. I have a smart thermostat with the air conditioner that has learned how I enjoy tanning. I have the AC work on a timer and schedule. It powers way up and cools me. Then once I leave the air conditioner knows to power down quite a bit and not provide too much cooling. At the 30-35 minute mark, the AC stars upping the cooling slowly in preparation for my arrival. I got it to this because of its learning capability and the thermostat scans a home for occupants. It knows timewise when I like to come in and checks for me with the scanner. So there is no wasting AC and I don’t have to worry about missing my timed AC program.


Why the AC is so low in hospitals

Everyone loves to complain about the AC in hospitals. There is actually a reason for the heavy cooling. The first is that sweat can’t happen. Sweat on the patient would not only make the job disgusting, but make it much harder. Imagine a complicated surgery, the patient is knocked out, but is sweating buckets. The doctors should be focused on the task at hand rather than mopping up the sweat. Also, having sweat around open wounds would be bad. The doctors can’t sweat either. You want your doctor looking you over and dripping sweat on you? I did not think so. The lower AC is to keep the sweat to a minimum. Goosebumps is way easier to handle than tacky skin. Did you know that operating tools emit heat? The hospital AC is set lower due to this as well. The doctors are moving, fully covered and handling tools that create a little heating. The air conditioner has to fight against all these factors. So if you are freezing, blame the doctor and his tools. Another big reason is to stop the spread of germs. Mold, mildew and fungi love to be in warm, moist places. The air conditioner naturally dries out the indoor air quality. If there was moisture, lots of bacteria would be forming. The warmth would also attract a lot of unwanted debris as well. So the AC keeps the hospital room all clean and fresh. So instead of being unhappy by the heavy cooling, be thankful it is keeping the environment safe and fresh.

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Our school field trip was really nice

The other day, we went on a pretty relaxing field trip for school.

We ended up going to this museum.

It ended up being a rainy day so it was especially humid outside. I thought that the air quality in the museum was going to be awful with all the rain we were getting, but I was surprised that the air quality was fantastic when we stepped inside. The temperature control settings were just right, and they must have had a powerful dehumidifier in the building because it was not even humid in the least inside. We were all so happy to be in a building that was so comfortable. The tour guide did a great job showing us all the different exhibits in the museum. It was actually rather fascinating. They even had this really interesting exhibit that talked about the Titanic, and they had a couple of actual artifacts recovered from that terrible disaster. The guy even joked around about there being spirits from the Titanic that were there because they were attached to some of the artifacts. At least, I think he was joking, but you can never be too sure. The whole experience was great though because it was so comfortable and I felt like I could have stayed in that place for the rest of the day. Eventually we had to go back to school though, and it was still raining! I was finally just happy when I got back home and was able to tell my family about the wonderful trip we had. My brothers got a kick about the ghosts the tour guide was talking about in the Titanic exhibit.



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Customized temperature control and cannabis helped my mother in law in the end

I was so sad when I learned that my mother in law had been diagnosed with cancer.

  • In her final days, all she wanted was to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

She got the chemo treatment and radiation, and that seemed to take the life out of her. I know that sometimes chemotherapy is successful, but in her case, it seemed to be killing her. In the end she was complaining that her A/C system was no good. That’s when we decided to upgrade the HVAC system in our home and we had her staying in our guest bedroom. The HVAC system we had included HVAC zone control so that she had access to her very own temperature control unit. In those final days, she was cranking the A/C up all the time. I was glad that she was able to at least get that comfort. The other thing that she requested was cannabis. She wanted to try that since she never had that during her whole life. She seemed to enjoy it quite a bit when we got her the medical cannabis card. She said it helped her to sleep easy, and she actually seemed to be in a better mood. Eventually it was heartbreaking when she finally passed away, but at least she went in her sleep. She had the A/C system cranked up as usual and she had smoked a little bit of cannabis to help her sleep easy. I think that without the customized temperature control settings and the pain relief from cannabis, it wouldn’t have been a smooth experience for her in the end.

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I love to keep my place clean, and I was happy when my sister said I needed my ductwork cleaned out

I’m a bit of a cleaning freak, I love to keep my place spotless.

  • The other day, I started noticing that I was getting a ton of dust all over my house.

I had no idea where all the dust was coming from because I was always cleaning. Finally, when my sister was over to my house, she said that I needed to get my ductwork cleaned. I realized that she was right, that’s where all this dust had to be coming from! I didn’t even think to get my ductwork cleaned out, but I hugged her when she told me this. She was a little bit shocked but I don’t think she realized how thankful I was that she pointed out what the problem was in my home. I called the HVAC company right away and told them that I needed to get my ductwork cleaned out as soon as possible. They actually came out the same day and took care of the ductwork cleaning. While they were out they even said they would sell me a discounted smart thermostat. They were telling me of all the benefits and that I could save a good amount on my energy bill. I was just so happy that my ductwork was cleaned, but when I heard about saving money on the energy bills, I decided to go for it. The smart thermostat is really convenient and saves me a ton of money now. I can even control my HVAC system remotely and my smart thermostat has already learned my preferred temperature control settings.


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Taking good care of my collector’s items by keeping up with my HVAC maintenance

I enjoy collecting antiques and old collector’s items.

My prize collection happens to be all my old comic books and card collections.

I have most of the original X-Men comic books and a ton of the cards. They are actually worth a lot of money so I had to invest in a powerful climate control system to keep everything in great condition. I upgraded my HVAC to a system that has HVAC zone control. This means I can customize the temperature control settings in every single room, including the room where I keep all of my valuable collector’s items. I also use a humidifier/dehumidifier unit to keep the humidity levels just right so that my items will stay in superb condition. I have had people come over to look at my amazing collection. I get offers all the time but I always say none of it is for sale. Some of my friends are always bugging me to reconsider and offer me ridiculous amounts of money, even more than what the items are worth. I always have to shake my head and say no though because I love my collection way too much. It’s all like a little part of me and I feel like I wouldn’t be whole without all of my marvelous collector’s items. This is why I always keep up with my HVAC system maintenance and keep everything especially clean in my home. I even make sure to have my ductwork cleaned at least once per year so that I don’t have a huge buildup of dust in my home.

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