Criminal lawyer came in handy

So then they slapped the cuffs on her and dragged my half sister to the county jail.

In the spring, Daria as well as I went to a concert one state over. The drive was almost 3 hours, so all we grabbed the family SUV. It gets the best gas mileage, as well as the AC is always working. My half sister Daria paid for half of the gas, as well as all of us break the driving time between us. I drove for the first shift. I did manage to obey the traffic laws, because I didn’t want to get pulled over. I was starting to fall asleep after 4 hours, as well as I woke up to tell Daria to drive. She was on the road for a few moments before all of us saw police blue and red lights behind our car. My half sister was obeying the speed limit, as well as all of us had no clue why they were pulling us over to the side of the pavement. They came to the window as well as asked my sibling for her drivers license. They asked Daria to exit the car, as well as they questioned her for such a long time. They thought my half sister looked like an escaped criminal. My sister tried to explain who all of us were as well as what all of us were doing! Since our last names were not the same, they didn’t believe our story. The police didn’t listen to her or I. So then they slapped the cuffs on her and dragged my half sister to the county jail. All of us had to hire a criminal defense attorney to prove that Daira wasn’t the criminal. Luckily, the criminal defense attorney got us out in less than 24 hours. The sheriff apologized for the case of mistaken identity.


What else?

When you find yourself with your back against the wall, plus everything you’ve tried to maintenance a situation has failed, you have no option but to ask for help, but it doesn’t make you weak, or dumb, or helpless – if anything, it makes you human! Besides, having the integrity to admit when you can’t maintenance a situation is something that you should be proud of. That’s what our fiance tells me, anyway, especially when it comes to our appliances plus device in the house, then when our heating plan started showing signs of malfunctions plus a potential breakdown, I began to fear the worst. What if the electric furnace breaks down while in a awful snowstorm? What if we’re separate from power, plus every one of us can’t get the fireplace to hold a sizzling fire? It’s easy to panic too much, plus end up doing something foolish in times care about that! Rather than risk going into the chilly Winter season separate from a reliable gas furnace, I reached out to this heating plus air conditioning maintenance company that I’ve seen around the town. They were able to get a team to our condo to inspect the electric furnace, plus abruptly address some wear plus tear inside the equipment, as they finished up the inspection plus performed their light repairs, their lead worker told myself and others that it was a superb method for myself and others to call them up, and had every one of us not called them, there was a strong chance that our furnace would’ve broke down under high demand – kind of care about when a snowstorm hits! Talk about dodging a bullet, but my fiance thanked myself and others for taking the initiative, plus that was nice enough for me.

Air conditioner installation

Want ductless cooling for making pottery

I can admit that I sort of jump into hobbies.

I like researching a new hobby, getting all the stuff and trying it for awhile. After a few months, I lose interest though. I have old photography equipment and tons of scrapbooking materials. I have any sort of lawn and gardening tool imaginable. My newest thing is making pottery. I knew I should have backed off and started small, but I couldn’t help myself. I bought the kiln, potter’s wheel and tons of clay. I cleaned out the home office to make it my pottery making room. I am right now at a crossroads. I need to decide if I want to invest more money into my hobby or figure this is the best I can do. I have noticed that the kiln puts off a lot of heat. I am moving and shaping clay which makes me warm. I really want to have air conditioning in the office. I would need to buy at least a window air conditioner for the space. Honestly, what I want is a ductless mini split. I could have climate control without affecting the rest of the home’s HVAC. I also would get my own thermostat and have heating on those rare cold days. It is quite an expense for a hobby. With the rate I drop hobbies too, it would be pointless. I am trying to convince my husband that ductless mini split is an investment that we will never regret though. Any future hobby I have will definitely be enhanced by HVAC.

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Nature's own cooling method

Long before air conditioning was invented people had to be very clever in the ways they kept their homes comfortable during the summer.

  • Taking advantage of cooler nights to draw in the night air was the only real way to keep your home somewhat cooler during the day.

This method is still used at my house until the summer nights become so hot and muggy that it does no good. We try and put off using the air conditioning until the last possible moment. Taking a break from high energy bills during the Spring and Fall really make a difference on the annual budget. Living in the Northeast means that this method is quite effective for many weeks. Although, it does take some extra effort to make this successful. Each night I must go into each room, open up the windows, and then get up early to close them and close the blinds as well. I need to block out the sunlight as it will add heat to the house too. This works great and the house stays a good ten to twenty degrees cooler than the outside. I know that the day will come when this no longer works and we will be forced to turn on the whole house air conditioner. Then, we will have to listen to my husband yelling about closing the doors for the rest of the summer. He sounds so much like his father when he is telling the kids that he is not paying to cool the outdoors. Oh well, at least I can enjoy nature’s cooling system for a few more weeks.

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Going through winter without a furnace

When we were first married, my husband and I didn’t have much money.

  • We had started out on a shoestring and that string just got smaller and smaller over the first year.

We did a lot of fighting and a lot of laughing, and a couple times I didn’t think we would make it. When our first broke during that first winter, I was ready to cry. There was no way we were going to be able to afford a new furnace. We sat down and discussed what we were going to do. I was worried about the money, but always practical, my husband wanted to discuss how we could afford the furnace. We talked about how much money it was going to cost to run only space heaters. We both knew that space heaters weren’t the only way to go. They didn’t heat the house evenly and they would be expensive to run. On the other hand, the furnace was going to cost a lot of money. My husband then reminded me that the furnace would still be here when we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary. The space heaters would probably break in the next year or two and it would be less expensive to run the furnace. It took us a couple days until we decided what we wanted to do, but ultimately, we chose to purchase the furnace. Now, we are celebrating our thirtieth anniversary and we are considering purchasing a new furnace for our house. I don’t think we will be doing the same discussion over the furnace as we had 30 years ago, but this we’ll discuss what kind of heating we want.

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Grandma’s house was haunted

That night, I laid in bed, listening to the noises.

I remember how my mom used to take us to visit my grandmother. She lived quite a distance from us, so we would go for the entire weekend. I loved grandma, but I didn’t love her home. I knew it was the home that my mom had grown up in, gut I really thought it was haunted. I would lie in bed at night and I could hear all kinds of groans and whistles coming from the walls. Sometimes there would be a rattle that I knew had to be chains. It was so bad one night, that I started to cry and I ran up to my mom’s room. She left me sleep with her, but she laughed at me for being so silly. The next day, she asked me what had frightened me so much and I told her about all of the noises I had heard. I told her that I thought grandma’s house was haunted. She told me that all I heard was the sound of the pipes as the heat came up through them. It was hard for me to believe that the heating system could make so much noise. That night, I laid in bed, listening to the noises. I went over to the air vent while the noise was going on, and I could feel the heat coming out of it. The noise stopped and so did the heat from the air vent. I sat there for most of the night, waiting to feel the heat coming from the air vents so I could make sure the noises came at the same time. I told mom that I believed her about the furnace and I told her what I did with the air vents.


Grandma’s house was haunted

Quiet! We’re watching our show

The other day when I went to hang out with my friends, everybody was just sitting there watching some TV series.

It seemed that everybody was really into the show. I noticed that it was kind of overheated in the house and even the windows were opened. When I first asked about the climate control system, everybody told me to be quiet. I guess it was one of the more intense parts of the TV show. When the episode was finally over I had to ask again about the climate control system and I was told we were waiting for the HVAC professional. So that’s what was going on here… it made sense. We watched another episode of the show and it really was fascinating. The HVAC worker actually got there before the episode was over and we shouted that the door was open. He came in and he started talking and we all told him to be quiet while we were finishing that episode. It seemed kind of rude but the show really was that good. It was over soon enough and my buddy apologized to the HVAC worker and the guy said it was no problem, his family loved that show too and they would have done the same thing. He had the A/C working in about an hour, just in time for us to finish another episode. The HVAC worker was saying that he needed to catch up with that show as well, it was so good. I had to agree because there were a bunch of episodes that I missed, but it was still really exciting to watch.



Gas fireplace

A horrible bus trip

The other week, I decided to take a trip to see my parents.

They happen to live on the other side of the country.

I wasn’t trying to pay for a very expensive flight and then my wife showed me an excellent deal she found for a round trip bus ticket. This was a whole lot cheaper than taking a round trip flight, so I decided to go for it. The thing about the bus trip was it was incredibly uncomfortable. If I would have known it would have been so bad, I think I would have paid the extra money to take the flight. The worst thing was the fact that the air conditioning was not working. I asked the driver if he could adjust the climate control settings but he straight up told me that the climate control system was broken and I would have to open my window. A lot of people had their windows opened but it was nothing but overheated air flowing through the bus. The other bad part was the fact that I was right near the bathroom on the bus and it smelled really terrible. There were a few times when I felt like throwing up, but I did make it all the way to my destination without doing that. I was exhausted from the trip because it was so uncomfortable without any A/C and it was difficult to rest. When I got to my parents’ place, I was thankful they had their A/C cranked up. It was a hot summer day and I rested for a few hours. We had a nice visit and when I came back, I was thankful the bus on the way home had working A/C and decent air quality.

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My brother likes to be prepared for the worst case scenario

It was really nice being able to use the air conditioning when there was no A/C in most other places because of the lack of power

My brother can be a little bit nutty, but at least he prepares for things he believes in. He always feels like the end of the world is coming soon. You should have seen him back when 2012 was approaching, he really thought that was going to be the end, but here we are still in 2019. I have to admire the fact that he has a good mind to keep ready for any sort of disaster type scenario. He has a little fallout shelter where him and his family can survive for years underground with a huge food storage and he has multiple backup generators as well. The other year, we experienced a really devastating storm. He thought that was going to be it for everybody so he invited me and my family over to hide out in his shelter. It was great because while the power went out in the whole area, he was still able to use his electricity and also his climate control system. It was really nice being able to use the air conditioning when there was no A/C in most other places because of the lack of power. He had plenty of fuel to keep that generator running strong and we sure appreciated the fact that he was prepared for such an emergency situation. His reasons for being prepared in such a way might seem a little crazy, but who knows, maybe the end up the world is approaching. One thing is for sure, after that experience with that terrible storm, I want to get a backup generator as well so that we can use our HVAC system if the power goes out everywhere.

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A fabulous new heating system for our home

When I decided that I was going to have radiant heated floors installed in my household, I had to announce the news at dinner.

When I told everybody that we were going to have radiant heated floors installed, I was expecting more excitement.

Everybody just kind of looked at me and then one of my kids asked me what radiant heated floors were. I then explained that the HVAC company was going to come to our home and rip up all the floors and put pipes underneath. The pipes would be connected to a boiler system so that heated water would flow through the pipes. This would cause a type of radiant heating that would come up slowly from the floors. When everybody finally realized that we were going to have this really fancy type of heating system, they all got really excited about it and started asking questions. My wife said that we should also get a smart thermostat and I happened to agree with her on that. So when we got our new installation completed, we also had a brand new smart thermostat installed as well. Everyone was really loving the new radiant heated floors and I soon noticed that our energy bills dropped dramatically because of the new energy efficient heating system and the smart thermostat. It was like we were living the dream because there were no frigid spots anywhere in the house and the place was always so comfortable. We were even able to lower the thermostat settings a little bit because the heating system was so efficient.

heating and air conditioning